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Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at how our minds develop, hold, store and function around conditioned responses and habits. When we stand back and look at this, it is an amazing function and even knowing all of this I don’t think we fully grasp just how amazing this truly is. The ease of our mind in responding to things and send signals, changing our physiology, our view of the world and all the different senses we use, it is so complex and phenomenal.

Lots of people who think about hypnosis think about the stage hypnotist and think it’s not real, of course, a lot of it is staged, but much of it re the power of our minds is very real. Some of you might have heard about people on stage eating raw onion and by the power of suggestion they believe it’s an apple and eat it with great pleasure. That is how powerful our conditioned responses are, it’s our minds that can trigger us to change and distort how we feel, so, in turn, changing how we are experiencing things. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think any of us should volunteer for these types of things, in my opinion, it’s like putting a penny game in a trillion-pound computer. Maybe not the most sensible thing to do with something so powerful and precious as our minds, without our minds we have nothing, our bodies don’t function we can’t think, feel or sense and we can’t engage in our social world. Our mind is something we need to take seriously, protect, support and exercise, to allow us to grow and evolve as a person and ultimately become the best version of ourselves.

Let’s look at what happens when we take part in stirring up trouble in our minds. If we have a negative habit, pattern or conditioned response we can’t deny this, we have to accept, not forever, but for now that it is there. Trying to reassure ourselves that we are ok with this will only make it worse because if we were ok with this we wouldn’t have to tell ourselves we’re ok with this, we would just be ok about it. Our minds are far from stupid and can’t see things in shades, just black and white, so if your telling yourself you ok and you’re not, all your mind will hear is that you’re not ok. So now we have accepted we have this habit, we have to make sure we’re clear that this is just a habit, it doesn’t define who we are or what we will do. It is time to disarm the fear and see it for what it is, just think about Pavlov and his dogs and just see it as the bell, there’s no food in sight, it’s just the habit, nothing more. It is important to keep this clear in our minds, but do not say this when the habits appear in your mind, as that could become a negative reassurance and will stir that pot of worries, but at non-worry times just remind yourself of this. If you have worries that you fear can overpower you, listen to the most prominent blog for you in this series of blogs on habits, play it every morning for a while to keep your focus on the reality of what is happening.

Let’s see our worries like a bowl of egg whites, it’s runny and fluid, and if poured out or dropped it can go everywhere and spread for what seems like an impossible distance, even if it is a small amount, it will easily spread a long way just like worries can. Then if we add fear to a big bowl of worries it will change how the habits and conditioned responses, looks, tastes, feels and respond. We will see the fear as a few spoons of quite innocent looking sugar, this fear can be any type of fear from that of a phobia, fears of drinking, eating, worrying and the fear of the fear its self. Those two ingredients together don’t do anything on their own, but if you start to focus on this and put time and effort into this then it will. You are the whisk that brings this all together, just imagine now whisking up the egg whites and sugar and just how much it changes. From the fluid liquid which could just drain away from your mind and thoughts, to the heady peaks of the meringue so thick it will stick to the whisk, spoon and bowl with great strength. The test of a good meringue is to hold the bowl upside down over your head and it stays firmly secure in the bowl. It has grown tenfold in size, it has also changed in texture, colour, appearance and taste.

This is exactly what happens when you start giving these habits, patterns and conditioned responses time, you whisk them up into something which feels much bigger and more solid than you ever thought possible. Now is the time to see what is happening clearly and rationally and not allow yourself to whisk yourself into a frenzy of fear. I am not saying this is not tempting to do, as this is what you have probably been doing for a long time but where does it get you? You don’t feel better, you, in fact, feel much worse. Everything has grown within you and feels bigger stronger and more overpowering to you, and you have made it feel very solid in your mind.

It’s time to stop this, it’s time to distract yourself from this urge to whisk things up and get back into the moment. The moment is amazing it is only here just once that why we can call it the present, as it is a gift to us all one we should grab with both hands, embrace, connect to and enjoy. The more we are in the present the more we forget about the worries the more our minds will just allow the liquid worries to drain away from us, but if we have whisked it up you we have to wait for it to start to dissolve before it will drain away. Which if we go back to our analogy of the meringue, it doesn’t dissolve straight away, it stays as it is for days until it starts to return to a liquid form. This is what happens with your worries if you have spent time whisking them up you will feel them more heightened around you for a while because of this.

Keep this in your mind don’t whisk yourself into a frenzy of fears and bad habits, distract yourself and get back into the moment.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x



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