Down The Rabbit Hole

Sara stevens
6 min readJan 4, 2018


My blog is taking you metaphorically down the rabbit hole, opening you to a whole new world of how we think, feel and operate at the deepest levels of ourselves. This blog will help you gain more understanding of your mind and for some of us, it will help to reduce the fears we have over our minds and what we store in them.

Some of us can feel like Alice falling down the hole when we think about what’s deep in our minds!! Why do we feel this way, why would be scared of the amazing thing that is our mind? Well keep reading and it will all become clear.

You can think you know a story, but if you only know how it ends you can miss the heart. So, to really appreciate the story, you have to go back to the beginning. If we don’t know where we have come from it’s harder to understand ourselves and how we evolve and continue to move forward.

Let’s start as cavemen. Life was full on, we had to give all our time to basic survival. If you have ever been camping by the time you’re up washed and dressed, made breakfast and cleared and tided up its nearly lunch time!! So, if you can imagine not even having things on tap like water and then needing to find shelter, food and supplies this would take up much more time. Understanding our mind just wasn’t a priority, survival was.

After the caveman times, life for millions of years was like ‘Game of Thrones’ well except for the dragons. It was volatile, brutal, unpredictable and totally scary. The Kings and Queens were all fighting to be richest most powerful country and killing each other off in the process. The poor people were struggling for food and shelter, plus trying not to upset any of the Kings and Queens in the process. Again, understanding our minds was not a priority.

Now we enter the early Dark Ages in England, our understanding of ourselves was mainly driven by the religious philosophies we lived around. Fear was a big factor in how they taught us and having a mind of your own was NOT acceptable we had to follow the church, the priest, the King or the village leaders, I am sure you are getting the picture. While the majority of medieval people in England were illiterate, living in fear and fantasy with the exception of just a few educated and wealthy people who had time to consider things beyond survival and everyday life.

The Middle Ages did nothing to change this in fact it got worse; not only were we struggling with religious beliefs, fears of the devil, demonic possession, sorcery and witchcraft. If we fell out of line we were hung, beheaded, or even burnt at the stake! So having our own views and insights was a really scary thing to have back then as it could easily get you in trouble, in fact it was life threatening. So, the fear of our mind making things up, losing the plot, having a meltdown only got worse as our fear was that we would say something out of turn and oops ‘Off with your head’. Even when death wasn’t certain no one wanted to go through treatments like exorcism, which included tortures to get the devil out of you by physically hurting you, mentally insulting you or even immersing you in boiling hot water!!!

Move forward another 2,000 years to 1900’s when “mental health” actually got the name! And wow, if you think it couldn’t get any worse, well let’s not kid ourselves it did. The stigma was immense who wants to be a lunatic, or a mad asylum patient …. Often segregated in case someone else caught it from you. Still having to contend with exorcisms and supernatural issues, we now have electric shock treatment, lobotomy’s and experimental medications.

As you can see we have been conditioned to be afraid of our minds for hundreds, even thousands of years as the habits from our parents and grandparents have been passed down through generations. Many of these things have been passed down in religion, also stories and fables which has left some of us struggling with our fears and of what’s in there, what if we lose control, or worse still lose our minds?

Let’s put this all into context all these fears and beliefs are not ours and in fact when we think things through they are not even rational or even make sense in the world we live in now. We are so much wiser and self aware then we were even 20 years ago let alone 2,000 years ago. Our lives are so fully absorbed in the present we often forget the past and what effects and drives us from within.

What’s down our rabbit hole ?

There’s one thing I do know after 40,000 hours of Clinical experience with people, is that we don’t need to be scared of the majority of our fears. They are all based on the past and events that aren’t happening anymore. It is truly safe to let go of those mistruths and irrational beliefs to start to understand ourselves better. So are you ready to start looking and heading down the rabbit hole into our minds? Lets flip the coin over from fear into excitement. Our minds are the most amazing thing we can comprehend, all we have to do to understand this is to look around and see what we have created in our world. This I believe is just the tip of the iceberg and over the coming years we will start to see more amazing things being created and we are all starting to personally learn just how powerful our minds are.

Our unconscious mind accounts for 90% of our brain activity which is where all our memories, habits and patterns are held, with the 10% of our minds being conscious. Our conscious mind is like the girl looking down the hole and the unconscious is rabbit burrow below. We feel very aware of what’s around us above the hole, but it’s dark and unknown below. Our minds are split into many different sections just like the different areas of the rabbit burrow and my blogs will help you understand more about how they work, enabling you to take control and become the best version off yourself.

What we need to firstly learn is not to be afraid, the fear we may have about our minds or what they do, it is not real. It’s just our lack of understanding from all the habits and history we hold and how we used to feel. You might say how come it feels so strong and real? Well if 9 argue against 1 it doesn’t mean that the 9 are stronger or more true, it just means they can shout louder. I have helped thousands of people change and heal from their fears, trapped emotions and bad habits. Imagine how quickly and powerfully you can change when you have the other 90% of your mind on your-side, release the bad habits and patterns and take on new happier healthier habits instead. As we travel down the rabbit hole together you will learn how your minds work, think and feel, fearlessly empowering yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Join the journey and head down the rabbit hole with me.

Sara x